Friday, November 24, 2006

Insight to come....

So I was thinking yesterday how I never write what I really want too on this blog. I'm pretty frank on my MySpace blog ( but let's face it, I hold back here. Why? I know nobody reads my piddly little page when there are such fun sites like the always fun Yarn Harlot and the sassy DomiKnitTrix (got her book btw, it's great) so why am I holding back? No more excuses. And I shall start tomorrow with an indepth look into the mind of the Penguin. Ok, well sort of in depth as it's kind of dusty in there and the light hasn't worked in awhile and I get creeped out sometimes by the smell.

Monday, November 20, 2006

As Promised...Another Posting.

Okay, see, you can trust me now, I'm posting when I say I'll post. Let's see where are we at...ah yes, my husband's christmas sweater is about en eighth of the way done now. Give me a break ok...he 6'6 and it's an aran raglan with THREE cable patterns (and they don't all have the same number of rows in 'em so lemme tell ya how annoying THAT is.) My Mermaid socks from Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet are coming along nicely. I plan to use Charlen Schurch's Forethought heel instead of an afterthought heel though. I'm hoping it'll turn out just lovely. And my very first design is progressing nicely. Okay, it's just a sock but we all have to start SOMEWHERE. Gimme a break, I'm pre-med!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bad Blogger! Bad!

I cannot believe it's been FOUR months since I've blogged. Ok, yes I can. To tell the truth with work and switching schools and training, blogging was just too much. I just couldn't fit it in. I've been updating my non-knitting blog on myspace though so that's something at least. So what have I been doing in the last four months? Well lets see, four scarves, two sweaters, still working on THE AFGHAN, and at least six pairs of socks. I've purchased my own spinning wheel and was taught by the very lovely and talented Arlene Graham of Fiberworks (check out her listing in Spin-Off) how to spin. I've made my first skein which I will never knit and always cherish as the very ugly/beautiful first attempts at spinning. Oh, my wheel is a double treadle Ashford Joy by the way. Her name is Ashley ( I know, how appropriate for an Ashford right?) I also purchased (much to Arlene's chargin) a very lovely bloodwood handspindle which is named Rosie. She is my constant companion and always has a bit of fluff on her. I am going to participate in the Spin-to-Knit thing coming up this January so I figured I should seriously update. This will be so much easier once I purchase my own computer and can stop using the one at work and school. Okay so that's my update. Oh! Almost forgot the Cincinnati Flying Pig is May 6, 2007. That will be my first marathon so all prayers for training and completion will be appreciated. I will blog again Monday November 20. I PROMISE.