Saturday, July 22, 2006

Love Combined

I've made the decision to write a story. I've always loved writing. I used to win awards for it in school. The truth is, I don't have the guts to be a full-time writer. And quite frankly, I LOVE medicine and I always will. But the writng bug keeps biting me and it's beginning to become quite painful. So I will begin with my next blog. Since I'm not in fear of many reading it, I will probably write the entire thing in my blog as a knid of running short story. Sort of like the magazines do. Then, maybe if it's good enough, somebody will publish it. It will be a story that combines the loves of my life, medicine, knitting, and that guy you just can't get over no matter how hard you try. The one who was the first guy to ever say he loved you and really mean it. The one who gave you your first kiss and your first real broken heart. You know, THAT guy. More to come later.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's been awhile, I know.

Okay, so I'm not the most faithful of bloggers. I'll get better when I get my own computer. As for now, I blog at work(off the clock of course!) and at school. So here's an update, I'm almost done with my dads father's day socks and I'm working up to seaming Ashe's cardi. I'm much more confident since I got the book Lorette recommended (Thanks Doc!) Next project intended is a cardi for myself since even though it's summer, my office is colder than antarctica. I'm looking for this simplest cardi pattern for a double-knit to worsted weight with a nice drape (nothing chunky, I need it to stay out of my way.) I will post agin this week I PROMISE. Oh, and here's good new! My company is sending me to Hilton Head in October for a seminar that my boss is teaching at.WooHoo! I'll be able to see my love again (the ocean for those who don't know.)I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I'm going to scout out the lys for Hilton Head and of course take a sex and knit on the beach in the evenings and run on the beach in the mornings!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And it rains.

It's the Fourth of July and it's raining for the second year in a row. Now I cannot tell you how much that just bites! The good news is that it gave me a chance to start (and finish) Debbie Macomers, The Shop on Blossom Street. A fantastic read btw. I plan to start the second book later but I have to get the second chevron lace sock done tonight so it'll be much later. Happy Fourth to all! Oh, and benny on top of DH had decided to JOIN me on the diet. I'm so thrilled because this was of no prodding on my part! He doesn't have that much to lose but he's way out of shape and I cant wait to see how happy he is when he' back in fighting form!