Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Christmas Knitting

Well, so far I've finished two of the four sweaters on my Christmas knitting list. My nephew's and my niece's are both done. I posted pics of them on my MySpace. I'm very pleased with how they turned out. I also finished spinning and plying the Lisa Souza roving into sock yarn. It turned out lovely (even if I said so myself which I don't, every knitter/spinner I've shown it too has said so.) Now I have to hurry up and finish the second Sweetpea sock so I can start knitting socks from it. Katie's Celtic Icon Hoodie is coming along nicely but within the first seven lines I found two mistakes in the pattern. Now I have to check the Errata to see if there are anymore mistakes. Oh well. It's going to be a great sweater though. People keep asking me how I can stand to knit sweaters in the heat and it just boggles my mind....... I don't knit outside people. And quite frankly, because my husband works outside, our house is kept so very cold that a wool or alpaca sweater on my lap is very comfortable. Maybe I just have my knitting priorities backward but I base my projects on: 1) How much time I have to devote to them in relation to when they need to be done (if for a gift) and, 2) Whether or not school is in session. Example; right now I have loads of time to knit because school is not in session and therefore I can do larger projects like sweaters. Once school starts in September I will not have the time to devote to larger projects and my projects will also need to be easily taken from class to class. This is my time to knit Christmas sweaters so I can get as much done as humanly possible. Once school starts, so will my prime sock knitting season. Socks are perfect for me when I need a full project to satisfy me and I don't have a lot of time to devote. And they carry like a dream. Well, enough for now.