Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Still waiting on Him. Patiently

So far I haven't heard back from any of the hospitals regarding my resume with exception of one form letter stating that my resume was not selected. I know what the problem is going to be for this round. I'm overqualified to be a PCT and since I've been in the field for almost six years now, my paygrade is on the upper end of the scale. Something will come through though, I just know it. If it doesn't though, I'm prepared for that too. My gig in the ER isn't bad, I'd just prefer to work three twelves instead of five eights. I'd also prefer to use more of my nursing skills than just phlebotomy. I'm good on the phlebotomy. Really. If I could actually be starting the IVs that would be more helpful but Miami Valley Hospital's policy doesn't allow the phlebotomists to start IVs. It also doesn't allow those folks with the training for it (student nurses, paramedics, etc) to start IVs unless they are working in that capacity for the hospital (So all the student nurses and paramedics working for the lab but who aren't working for the hospital can't start the IV even when it's obvious that we could do it faster and with better accuracy than the nurse who is trying to start it.) I can't tell you how many times I've been asked by the nurse to start the IV "Just this once, I promise I won't tell." Well at least I have my interview set up at the restaurant on Monday. That is some good news as long as we can get the babysitter issues straightened out. That is another reason the three twelves would be better than the five eights. It's easier to find a babysitter to cover the shifts. Faith. I have to have faith. On the flip side.... have you seen the video for Devour by Shinedown???? All I can say is DAMN. Hot boys rocking hard. Can a girl ask for more? Ok, maybe seeing a little more of the tats and less of the hair. Btw speaking of tats, check out Nick Perri's: