Sunday, August 31, 2008

Really? I mean,.... really.

So I've made mention of these half-wits I work with before right? So the latest is that the "I have no self-esteem so I'll act like I know everything, sleep with whoever will have me, and to hell with what my kids think" gal is now going to the strip clubs, getting totally wasted and acting an ass in front of other co-workers. It's pathetic but it's also very sad. I know she has no self-esteem, but it doesn't help to keep making oneself look even more unappealing by behaving like we have no self-esteem. Hmmm.... doesn't seem an effective tactic to me at least. She'd be better off just taking a break from the manhunt and taking some time to be with her kids and get her shit together. Finding that one special person is important, but it shouldn't distract from the rest of your life. And if they really are the right person for you, you won't have to act like a desperate, drunken slut to get them to notice you. And for the love of all things good, fat girls should not be wiggling it (not even a little bit) when alcohol is involved. Trust me, I've seen the after effects (particularly in the video format - not pretty.) The only wiggling I do now is for my husband, or for the humorous benefit of the dog when I'm on the treadmill. Either way, my tailfeathers have been retired until my tail gets back down to the proper size. Oh, and one more thing... I've said it before but I feel the need to say it again with some force "JUST BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT IN YOUR SIZE DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR IT." Nuff said.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Turns out exhaustion creates lots of invisible friends.

Malachi cheezing:

The ER where I'm at when I actually have time to blog. It's been nicknamed the Beverly Hills ER because it is very posh. There are flat screen tvs in every room. The rooms are huge and they look like inpatient rooms instead of ER rooms. They are about as high tech as you can get. And since it's located in a more suburban location and NOT certified to accept any trauma higher than level three, it's really not that busy. The patient populatin consists mostly of chest pain, ab pain, various other pains and a lot of other wussy complaints that really should have waited until they could get in with their family doctor. On occasion we do get real emergencies and they usually get transported to the main ER. Now THAT place is hoppin. When I work there, I don't have time to breathe, much less time to blog. But I love it. I love the atmosphere, the traumas, everything. When I work there, I actually feel like what I do matters.

I just had to include this:
I don't know why, but the other day I slept ALL DAY. And I do mean all day. Seriously. I got off work at 0730 and was in bed by 0830. I woke up at a quarter to four when my husband got home with the kids. I was up until seven-thirty and then this amazingly powerful wash of fatigue hit and I was out again. Maybe it was just that it was the first time in awhile I was able to lay in bed and cuddle with my honey. Until my period started the next day (I know TMI, but it relates so let it go) I swear I thought I was pregnant b/c that was the last time I'd experienced fatigue of that magnitude before. Well, obviously I'm not pregnant. Maybe my body just knows what's coming with this new quarter starting soon and it's resting up. On a brighter note, I only have one week left at Dayton Ear, Nose & Throat! Yayyyyy! After almost four years of bull!@#$ I think it's finally time to let go and say goodbye. One of my co-workers said, " You're going to miss this hellhole." Um,......NO. I hate even having to go in for these last few days. I've been ready to leave for the last three years, I'm not regretting my decision now. I wish I could say I was leaving it in good hands but aside from my boss coming out of retirement to clean up the clusterf--k that her replacement caused, there is no "good hands." The new people are idiots and the semi-new chick has issues, no make that subscriptions. In a word, she's flippin crazy. They are so screwed. Oh well.
So the soap thing is going well though. Still waiting on my molds to start the CP batches, but I've done three HP batches and they've all turned out really well. I just made a batch of oatmeal/cinnamon/nutmeg soap and it's ugly as sin but sinfully delightful! Speaking of sin, I have a new "sin" if that's what you can call it. I am absolutely fixated on Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. More so on Samantha. I don't know why their relationship fascinates me so much, but it does. It's really Samantha that fascinates me. She's very laid back and she seems really cool and she's absolutely hilarious to listen to in the videos she's got posted on her MySpace page. I don't know why the media is making such a big deal out of their relationship. It's not like they're the first lesbian couple in Hollywood. They haven't even officially come out with their relationship status so everyone needs to chill. I know that sounds odd coming from a Christian but I'm not one of those homophobic Christians. Nor am I into the cliche "love the sinner, hate the sin" If homosexuality truly is a sin, then it's no worse or better than being obese, smoking, or murder. Sin is sin according to God, so let it go. Besides, Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you." Let it be. If they're happy, let them be happy. Everyone has to live their own lives and in the end we all answer to the same judge and jury in a one-on-one session. Back to the subject, If Lindsay and Samantha are a romantic/sexual couple, it's their business and no one else's. I personally think they look very happy together and make a cute pair. Plus, Samantha seems to keep Lindsay on an even keel and she's not looked this healthy in a long time.
Anyway, so I didn't get the podcast recorded because of the knockout fatigue so I'll have to try again next week. At least I have the notes all written out!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Killer Mutant Viruses and Soap

It's over and I survived! I took my last final of Summer quarter yesterday and I'm pleased to report I passed and all is well! It was a particularly daunting Pathophysiology final but I managed to eek by and for once, eeking by is alright with me. I'd been down with a killer mutant virus for the two weeks leading up to this so studying was not an option. I was lucky to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide let alone study disease mechanisms, etiology, and pathology. I've finally recovered from that nonsense however, my voice has not. I'm one of those people who (thank God) don't get sick very often (think, like, once a year if that) but when I do, my voice is the first thing to go and the last to recover. I'm operating at about 95% right now, but I still ribbit occasionally. Hopefully I'll be completely recovered by this weekend because I'd like to record for the podcast. I've been making soap and I'm going to dye a little and I'd really like to share the experience. Plus, my kids will be with my husband and his family camping and fishing at the lake. I have to work but at least the house will be quiet. I'm making them take the dog (hehehe). Oh, God is so good to me. Not because the house will be quiet or the family gone. He just is. I just know He's going to bless my soap business and allow me to pay for school and still see my kids and husband. I really enjoy making the soap and even when the first batch turned out kind of off (my own recipe, it needs tweeking) I wasn't put off. I just did some good reading and kept on going. The second batch turned out much better and my soap cutter arrived today! Now if I can just get my soap molds.... I ordered them from an etsy seller who makes fabulous wood molds but the word is that turnaround time is atrocious. He tells to expect shipping 18-20 days after ordering. Tomorrow is day 20 for my first order. My etsy invoice still reads 'payment received' but not 'shipped'. = ( For now I've been using cavity molds but I don't like them as much. I like them but there seems to be a lot of waste scraped off. I'm saving the scrapings though, for rebatching. I'm frugal like that.