Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Stripper? Seriously.

I love it when the people you are knitting for get excited about what you're knitting for them. My big brother came down this weekend for Thanksgiving dinner (I know! I was suprised too!) and I took measurements for his sweater (oddly enough, his measurements actually mesh right up with the size I'm knitting, no adjusting necessary) and I showed him the sweater so far. He really likes it. "It's just what I wanted," he told me. And mom has requested the Celtic Tote from the latest Knits, but in purple and black. So I picked out a gorgeous shade of purple in Cascade 220 and a beautiful celtic knot button. She's so excited she even told me that if I don't have it done by Christmas, she'll finish it herself. No way. I'm making this purse and both it and the sweater will be done on time. I'm getting close to the neckline shaping on the front on Seans sweater and then I'll finish the back, three needle bind them off and knit the sleeves from the armholes. I decided that a regular drop-shoulder would look just as nice as the modified drop-shoulder that the pattern calls for. It's only a two-stitch decrease for the modified so screw it. The smell of Kookaburra in the air as the socks wash and the feel of Peruvian Highland wool sliding through my fingers, aaaaahhhhh, life is good.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, as I write my husbsand is eagerly beginning the ritual of the Thanksgiving day feast. The man was up a six o'clock getting things ready to cook. You have to understand my husbands excitement. In the nine years we've been together, we have never had a Thanksgiving to ourselves. Usually we spend it with his family or mine. This year my family can't make it until this weekend and so it's just us and he even ignored repeated calls from his mother (trying to give a guilt trip. I swear that woman is a nightmare!) The level of excitement my darling is exuding is tantamount to a six year old finding a new bike on Christmas morn. I know people think it's strange that being raised by a mom who cooks like Julia Child, that I don't. I actually do cook, and I'm quite a good cook at that, but I don't enjoy it quite like my husband. I enjoy trying out new recipes and when I'm in the mood to cook he let's me, but he's a back seat chef and he's always cooking over my shoulder so it gets annoying. So today I will knit and spin instead. I'm one and a half inches short of dividing for the front and back on my brothers sweater and I plan on making that plus get some of one side done today. I finished my first attempt at a 3-ply yarn last night.

It's a small skein of BFL, about 25-30 gms. I washed it and it's currently drying in the loo. When it's done I'll see what it's WPI are but I'm guesstimating it's a worsted/aran weight b/c that's what I'm aiming for. The ultimate goal of this experiment is a handspun & handknit gansey for my pops. I'm planning on making it out of Shetland wool. What I really want is to get a good fleece, wash/comb/card and spin it, then knit it for dad. It will probably be the only time I do it like that but I just really want to. I'll knit it from my own design too! Man I'm excited about this! I've started scoping around for a fleece and some handcards/combs. What fun!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oops...There's a Wall There....

So much for the family coming down this weekend. The brother is being...well....himself. And my mom is at home with a sick puppy. Dutchess, their cockerspaniel, is really not doing well. Poor puppygirl. = ( But, they will be making the trip next weekend, with the exception (probably) of my darling brother. Ya know, he's really lucky I love him. (jerk) My dad made it but he had no choice, he's teaching scuba diving all weekend. Still, I'm glad to see him. I love my Pops, despite the fact that he still treats me like I'm one of his troops. I'm nearly thirty years old and I still stand at attention when he calls me, go figure it must be Pavolovian. He talked me into running tonight and I needed that. He was my first running coach and he's still my best running coach. I had a really nice run and it made me feel better about messing up and eating three donettes. (Even though they equal about 1/2 of a full size doughnut and I've been good all day.) Well, I'm rambling so I'll sign off now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Doing a Jig, Just for the Hell of It.

I took my Forensic Psychology final this mornin and I rocked it! IT'S OVER! (yes I mean to be shouting, I'm really flippin excited!) I got an "A" on the Physiology Final and that gives me an "A" in the class. Still waiting on the final grade from my Computer Software class, but overall I am one extremely excited girl. AND....... I've lost nine pounds! WooHoo!. Now that school is over I can revamp my running schedule and get back on track before next quarter begins so this weight gain thing doesn't happen again (gotta keep it moving in it's current direction). Back to the Christmas knitting! I'll post pics soon of my progress on Sean's Christmas sweater. He'll be down this weekend for Thanksgiving with my folks (we're doing it early d/t work schedule obligations) so I'll get the final measurements and maybe some pics of my darling big brother too! He's too cute not to show off. I'm also finishing up the first of my Firestarter socks, which I may have to frog and reknit if the sizing is off (the foot looks kinda long, but if it's not too long, I'll wear it as is.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Brain Hurts, Send Wool Please.

Having spent the last week studying for my Physiology and Biophysics final exam, and pretty much ignoring everything and everyone else in the process, I am very pleased to announce that it is finally over. For better or worse, which I will discover tomorrow, I am done with my most difficult subject until January 7, 2008. Can I get an AMEN! I do have one more test to take on Friday but it's in Forensic Psychology and that subject is so fascinating that it just sticks in my head. Physiology is fascinating too, mind, but there is SO much to remember that it takes much more brain capacity. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tired doesn't even begin to describe it. I'm so beyond tired I don't believe there is actually a word left to describe it. This quarter is finally coming to a close and I am looking forward to a break. I've made the final decision to find a new position and leave my current employer. I'm a little disappointed b/c I started applying two weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet from any of the companies except that one listed me as disqualified for a position even though there is no reason for me to be disqualified. I'm beginning to get discouraged. I'd like to start this new position before next quarter. I've been praying and I know that it it's not in God's will it won't happen but I'm hoping he'll will it.