Thursday, March 29, 2007

I gotta tell you....Lime 'N Violet ought to have a Surgeon Generals Warning on their podcast. First of all, they are about the funniest gals casting right now. If they were close to me, I'd be up their butts all the time. They are the kind of girls I actually LIKE to hang around with. I really love them. The danger in LnV is, however, their love 'o yarn pron. I just got an influx of the orders that I'd placed with BMFA, Loopy Ewe, and Lisa Souza. I laid all my loveliness out on my kitchen table and just oohed and aaahed over it. If I was more emotional I'd probably have cried. I got Fire on the Mountain and Puck's Mischief in lightweight STR, Las Vegas Brights and Carbon Dioxide in Tiny Toes from Sheri, N. Carolina in J.Knits from Sheri, Joseph's Coat in Sock! from Lisa and four oz of Mardi Gras in Superfine/Superwash from Lisa. And I noticed something when I had them all laid out together...... there's a theme in the colors........ why am I seeing so many pinks? And MAN do I like BRIGHT colors! Now, Puck's Mischief isn't bright, but it's the only one out of this batch that isn't. I LOVE me some bright-ass colors! Oh well, can't be all serious and dark all the time anyway. (BTW this is just going to kind of ramble along aimlessly 'cause I'm REALLY tired this week from adjusting to my new school schedule.) I was super impressed with Sheri from the Loopy Ewe. I got my order so stinking fast I couldn't even email her back right away and give thanks! Lisa, equally as impressive, emailed me right away after I placed my order and let me know that she'd pulled my yarn and would be dying my roving in the next few days. How cool was that?! I didn't hear from Blue Moon and my order from them took the longest comparatively but no complaints here b/c I know how stinking busy they are. Needless to say, I'm having a hard time deciding what to cast on. I still need to make sock two of my Baudelaires and I'm one and two- thirds of a sleeve away from finishing Malachi's Sherwood sweater. I've gotten two-thirds of one Merino Lace sock from Interweaves new sock book done, in Martha's Vineyard CTH supersock. I really should be knitting right now but at the moment am in class. I need chocolate and french fries. MMMMMMM.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Whiskey & Whiskers

Word to the wise: If your best friend brings over her boyfriend and said boyfriend happens to be a police officer on you local police NOT drink whiskey around him. Especially on St.Patricks Day. Because when you do, you forget that said boyfriend does not yet know ALL about your best friend's less than spotless past. Like the wild summer you spent completely inebriated before you got your shit together. Telling said boyfriend all about this wild past of your best friends may lead said boyfriend to grin evilly at said best friend and who knows what ensues after they leave but said best friend may just want to kill you. You can't really blame me though. She brought the whiskey after all, and it WAS St.Pats day and I am of Irish descent. You mix Irish blood with Irish whiskey and it's ALL coming out. I can not be held responsible for whatever gets said. The boyfriend thought it was all very endearing btw(he's so in love with her I could have said she liked to hack people up and eat them and he would have thought it was cute) see:This is how they ALWAYS look. OK, you can usually see her eyes though. She always looks like she's squinting in pictures, it's just b/c her smile is so big! I can't wait until they get married. Not that he's asked but hey, it's coming eventually. For now, she can just play with my kitty. I mean my four-legged cat. See, I can see this requires and explanation.

My cat:

This is what she does for fun. I had some BFL in this bag. I had to get it away from her before it became a future hairball. The biggest problem with the adorable little gal is she howls ALL NIGHT LONG. See, we have this cat problem in my neighborhood. We have a LOT of stray male cats who love to go around flirting with all the little girl cats in the plat. The problem with this is that they send the ones who aren't fixed (see cat above) into heat and as a result my husband, myself, and to some extent my children, get no sleep. So Milo is going to live with her Aunt Kate and Mommy will come visit her. My father is ecstatic about her going and is now discussing, with quite a degree of seriousness, buying my boys a dog. As long as it's a big dog I'm OK with that idea. We really are dog people anyway. Rottweiler and German Shepherd people really. And Dobermans. Ooh, and wolfhounds. Really, any dog that can double as a horse.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I need a Guiness

For real though. Finals will be over for me after I take my Stats final tonight and I'm ready to collapse. I've been staying up WAY too late and quite frankly the only things keeping me sane are Sherwood and Baudelaire. Finally got to see the husband in the sweater. Take a gander below:

Isn't he hot?! Yeah, it's even better when he's naked! Oh, here's a close-up:

For some reason, neither picture looks like it's very sharp even though it was perfect when I uploaded them. Oh, well. Go figure. That's what I get for giving into the digital camera craze. My husband just asked me the other day why I haven't been taking pictures with my "real" camera/s. By "real" he means the one/s I actually do all the work myself. My wicked expensive Canon EOS and my Minolta. They are what I use for doing my photography work. I just use my digital for snapshooting and knitting related photos. I should upload my portfolio from last year. I'm so proud of it. Especially since most of the shots were taken in below zero weather and/or hip deep snow. It is an exquisite gathering. I'll have to dig out my cd-rom with the scanned in pics out of my gig bag. New subject. I want to kill my child. No seriously, (man I've been listening to LNV way too much) the kid is driving me crazy. Yesterday I got a call from his teacher telling me that he got in trouble YET AGAIN and almost got sent to the principals office again. Now, every night I ask him about his day and ask how he did at school and every day he tells me about his day and he tells me he behaved well. HE LIED. I was so pissed that if I hadn't been planning on heading to Fiberworks already, I would have ended up there anyway. I decided to wait until after playing in fiber before telling my husband. It usually goes better for Noah if I'm calm when I tell his dad these things. If I'm not calm then my husbands response is multiplied ten-fold. So six ounces of Corriedale and eight ounces of Blue-Faced Leicester later, I was telling my husband. Even with me calm he didn't take it well. If I hadn't been there to prevent it, I'm pretty sure his head would have exploded. But, I promised sex in exchange for the life of my child and that cooled him down. And I was fine once I got my hands in wool. I am all but finished with the first Beaudalaire. I have six more rounds of ribbing and it's weaving time. In a few rounds I'll be ready to separate Malachi's Sherwood sweater into front and back. He's excited:

Kids. You gotta love 'em. New subject. So I'm totally in LOVE with the Lime and Violet Podcast. If you haven't heard it you absolutely HAVE to! They are the funniest gals ever! Go to and check them out. They will have you laughing so hard you'll be peeing your pants. On a more somber note. Miss Violet is currently battling a boob rock and if you can donate to the Boob Rock Fund, there would be few better places to put your money. Rest assured that she'll be seeing my name up on the donation page soon. What's even better is that Miss Violet and Miss Lime will be in lil ole Ohio soon! They'll be at Knitters Connection and that's barely an hour and a half away from me! I would SO be feeding them and laying yarn at their feet in reverance! Well, St. Patricks Day is the day after tomorrow so I'd better get back to drinking! Note to self: Once a surgeon, remember to take generous leave beginning at least two days before and ending at least two days after St. Patricks Day.