Friday, April 06, 2007

Mother Nature likes to @#$% with Ohio

I'm serious. It's friggin snowing outside. In April. If that's not an in-your-face then I don't know what one is. I've never liked Ohio weather but, as the saying goes, if you don't like the weather in Ohio wait five minutes..... it'll change. The first year I was moved (and by moved I mean dragged) here it was October of 1992 and we found ourselves hip-deep in snow. Not too pleasant to a country girl from southwestern Georgia. In my short lifetime I've lived in: Panama (the country, not the city beach), Georgia (twice, and it's still my favorite), North Carolina (comes in very close to Georgia for tops), and Missouri. Do you notice a pattern? Yes, that's right, other than an occasional venture to South Bend, IN to visit the family I had never lived above the Mason-Dixon until my dad moved us here. I had seen snow, but never had to actually deal with it until the blizzard we were moved into. I've long since become used to the snow and since I learned to knit last year I actually have a new appreciation for cooler/cold weather, but I doubt I'll ever be able to get used to freak snowstorms in spring.At least Malachi got to use his Sherwood sweater a couple of times. Actually, I had to pull it off of him to wash it. Am I rambling? I have a migraine right now and I'm starving. Quiesiera pedir un bocadillo y necessito una cerveza. Por favor. Gracias. Okay, I'm done digressing into Spanish. So anyway, to ramble some more, I was listening to LnV and driving to class the other morning and it got to the part where they discussing the roving Lime got called Sweet Alex. It was a Kleenex moment and once they started crying, so did I. It's just been that kind of week at work. I feel so much empathy for Miss Lime. I have literally had to be talked down from resigning at least three times this week. My second job is looking for two full-time people and have been feeling me out to see if I want to come over to them full-time. Honestly, I'm considering it. If I wasn't due to begin my clinicals in the fall (fingers crossed!) I'd be over there in two seconds. See, here's my problem at work. I work in an office full of petty, selfish, insecure, immature women. On top of that, my boss actually LIKES me. She doesn't show me any favoritism, but she doesn't hide that she really does like me. This doesn't sit well with some co-workers. Another point of contention among them is that I don't commiserate with them about how "hard" working in the office is. isn't. It is by far the easiest job I've had so far. It is physically undemanding and only mildly challenging mentally. Most of them time these women are making mountains out of mouse poop. It's, frankly, ridiculous and I refuse to engage in similar conversation so instead I get the "looks". I also get the looks b/c I: don't talk about my co-workers to my other co-workers (aka, Slumber Party Syndrome), don't talk personally about my patients ( can we say HIPAA violation?), and the worst of all..... I'm usually in a good mood so I don't spend the day whining. (My dad always told me, "Beck, you can't alway change your situation but you can always change your attitude about your situation.") This week it was really hard to keep my chin up. All I wanted to do was cry, or pummel somebody (two specific bodies actually and I'm not quite past that feeling yet so it's good they're not around right now). But,.... it's Good Friday and I do remember the reason for the rememberance of this day and of Easter. I'm no where close to being like Jesus, but at least he loves me and that's good enough for me to not pummel anyone. And now it's time for some pictures!

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