Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Soothing Stockinette

I have to knit a LOT of stockinette on the Stone sweater for Noah. Since it's only a size 8-10 it's not a whole lot of stockinette but it is. And i'm knitting and knitting and not stopping. It's so repetative that it's soothing. I don't know. Sometimes I get bored with it but mostly I just let my thoughts wander. I tend to work on stories in my mind while I'm knitting stockinette. Yet another stupid dream of mine I guess. Everbody's got to have one.
I've mentioned that I taught my crocheting mom how to knit and know she's a knitter who sometimes crochets. She started right out the gates knitting my dad a sweater. My mom has never been one to go gently into that good night. She is now wanting to knit socks b/c she's a big fan of the pairs I've made her. So we got her some pink and white heathered sock yarn, a couple of size 3 circs and we've made it to the first gusset decreases. She'll get this sock thing in no time.

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