Monday, October 08, 2007

It was a sign I tell ya, a sign!

There was a thick fog over the land as I made my way to university this morning. It lay over the crops like a quilt and snaked through the hills and over the lakes like a ghost. It was perhaps one of the most beautiful sights I've beheld in a long time. A sunrise/set never fails to put me in awe, but folks underestimate the awe-value of a morning mist. Perhaps it is only because it reminds me so much of where I intend to retreat permanently. It seemed to me, on a morning where I was searching for a reason to keep the car on it's path to school, to be a gift of foresight. It said simply, "Keep hanging in there, hit the books, make the grade, and this is what you can have. A life of simplicity doing what you love, where you love, with those you love most alongside you." I needed that gift ever so much now that I've come to quite literally despise my job and all that it encompasses. It's not the field I despise. I could never not love medicine. Just my current job, my co-workers, hell, even my patients are forcing my....uh..patience? I thank God for those moments in time in which he shows me an ever so small glimpse of his plan and gives me just enough light for the step I am on plus a touch or so toward the end of the path.

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