Monday, October 29, 2007

When I first made Noah his Stone's Sweater from the Natural Knitter, it was the end of May and too hot to wear it. Now, to say the least, it is no longer too hot. I let Noah put it on for school last Friday and he hasn't taken it off for more than an hour since (barring time sleeping and showering). He adores it. I've even caught him sniffing it, though I think he picked up this little habit from watching me stop to sniff while I was knitting it. He wore it to church yesterday and just felt the need to tell everyone that his mom made his new sweater and wasn't it the awesomest sweater ever?! Now THAT is satisfaction. I love my kids. I love knitting for my kids. I really love my kids loving that I knit for them. It makes all this mind-numbing schoolwork worth the effort just to be able to buy premium quality yarn to make them the most awesome sweaters/hats/gloves/socks ever. I know not everyone thinks making a sweater for an eight year old out of merino wool is smart, but I really don't care. I love making it and they love wearing it. I have a good supply of wool wash.

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