Monday, May 12, 2008

The Craziness Will Continue, Indefinitely.

When I thought I had a crazy life, I was grossly understating. My life is psychotic. This is no ordinary level of crazy. This is full on straight jacket, leather restraints, me-and-Stephen King-finally-understand-one-another kind of crazy. I'm so wiped out I can hardly see straight. I've still managed to get some knitting in each day even if for no more than five minutes. I think this is what is keeping me from completely going over the edge. Then the owner of my local fiber shop suggests a sock designing contest to me. Bless her heart, how in the world am I going to find time to design a sock? I'm just now getting to the heel turn of the Aquaphobia socks I've been working on all quarter. I'm on the last repeat of the center triangle for my mom's Highland Triangle and I'm through the first ball of yarn on the Serenity Blanket that I'm knitting for my friend Robyn. I'm currently spinning some alpaca that I picked up at last years Upper Valley Fiber Festival and I hate it. It's poorly carded and full of VM. It has some black fiber carded throughout it that is unable to be drafted so it ends up either pulled out prior to spinning or pull off as a slub forms. Either way it's a giant nuisance. I won't be purchasing fiber from these folks again. I did manage to finish yet another skein of three-ply bfl. That takes me two three total counting the corriedale blend. *Sigh* I love spinning so much! Between spinning and knitting, I need no other hobbies. I still love my photography though and my writing, but if I had to give them up I could. I would be certifiable if I had to give up my spinning and knitting though. It just wouldn't do.

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