Sunday, August 31, 2008

Really? I mean,.... really.

So I've made mention of these half-wits I work with before right? So the latest is that the "I have no self-esteem so I'll act like I know everything, sleep with whoever will have me, and to hell with what my kids think" gal is now going to the strip clubs, getting totally wasted and acting an ass in front of other co-workers. It's pathetic but it's also very sad. I know she has no self-esteem, but it doesn't help to keep making oneself look even more unappealing by behaving like we have no self-esteem. Hmmm.... doesn't seem an effective tactic to me at least. She'd be better off just taking a break from the manhunt and taking some time to be with her kids and get her shit together. Finding that one special person is important, but it shouldn't distract from the rest of your life. And if they really are the right person for you, you won't have to act like a desperate, drunken slut to get them to notice you. And for the love of all things good, fat girls should not be wiggling it (not even a little bit) when alcohol is involved. Trust me, I've seen the after effects (particularly in the video format - not pretty.) The only wiggling I do now is for my husband, or for the humorous benefit of the dog when I'm on the treadmill. Either way, my tailfeathers have been retired until my tail gets back down to the proper size. Oh, and one more thing... I've said it before but I feel the need to say it again with some force "JUST BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT IN YOUR SIZE DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR IT." Nuff said.

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