Thursday, August 21, 2008

Killer Mutant Viruses and Soap

It's over and I survived! I took my last final of Summer quarter yesterday and I'm pleased to report I passed and all is well! It was a particularly daunting Pathophysiology final but I managed to eek by and for once, eeking by is alright with me. I'd been down with a killer mutant virus for the two weeks leading up to this so studying was not an option. I was lucky to convert oxygen to carbon dioxide let alone study disease mechanisms, etiology, and pathology. I've finally recovered from that nonsense however, my voice has not. I'm one of those people who (thank God) don't get sick very often (think, like, once a year if that) but when I do, my voice is the first thing to go and the last to recover. I'm operating at about 95% right now, but I still ribbit occasionally. Hopefully I'll be completely recovered by this weekend because I'd like to record for the podcast. I've been making soap and I'm going to dye a little and I'd really like to share the experience. Plus, my kids will be with my husband and his family camping and fishing at the lake. I have to work but at least the house will be quiet. I'm making them take the dog (hehehe). Oh, God is so good to me. Not because the house will be quiet or the family gone. He just is. I just know He's going to bless my soap business and allow me to pay for school and still see my kids and husband. I really enjoy making the soap and even when the first batch turned out kind of off (my own recipe, it needs tweeking) I wasn't put off. I just did some good reading and kept on going. The second batch turned out much better and my soap cutter arrived today! Now if I can just get my soap molds.... I ordered them from an etsy seller who makes fabulous wood molds but the word is that turnaround time is atrocious. He tells to expect shipping 18-20 days after ordering. Tomorrow is day 20 for my first order. My etsy invoice still reads 'payment received' but not 'shipped'. = ( For now I've been using cavity molds but I don't like them as much. I like them but there seems to be a lot of waste scraped off. I'm saving the scrapings though, for rebatching. I'm frugal like that.

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