Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Midterm Update

We are officially halfway through Winter quarter and I'm up to my eyeballs in studying and careplanning. Had the first of the tests last week. Got a 78 on one and at 98 on the other. (What the hell happened there?!?) Have another test this week in Nursing Research. THAT's gonna be a toughie. I love my teacher to death but this is THE most boring subject I have taken in a loooooong time, and I'm in day one of my six day straight stretch at work. That is sooooo wrong. I'm the ONLY person of all three shifts who has to do six days in a row every other week. It's enough to give me a complex. It would be easier if my primary coworker wasn't just this side of an infant in his behavior. To say he throws temper tantrums would be a stretch, but his passive-aggressive behavior is more annoying. For example, he doesn't like to work while he's there and he manifests this by trying to conveniently disappear at every interval he can. I've seen him leave to take a stack of papers around the corner to the south station and then follow one of his many "buddies" around chitchatting while said "buddy" stocks linens in the patient rooms. This takes a good twenty minutes each time. His bathroom runs make me think to suggest he needs more fiber in his diet considering how very long it takes him to "go." He even had the audacity to decide he was going to call off on a Saturday night because he was upset that I had called off the previous week due to an injury. I knew he was planning to because I'd overheard him when I left that morning. I mean really. At least I quit my job at the restaurant. Yes Mom, you and Dad were right, it was too much to be doing. I know you told me so. I love you too.

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