Sunday, February 22, 2009

My shrinking butt and why I sometimes feel bad for celebrities.

So I upped my treadmill workout to 45 minutes today and , DAMN it felt good! I could literally feel the fat on my butt melting away. Yay! But then again, it never belonged there and frankly the nine years it's been there just has been nothing but a pain. So buh-bye. Now, on the the celebrities thing. I seriously do feel bad for them sometimes. My latest "celebrity sympathy earner" is Robert Pattinson. He plays Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies and the poor bloke just was NOT prepared for how famous he's become. I mean he can't even get a haircut without the whole world going apeshite. Apparently the hair he has when he plays Edward is actually marketed! Who markets a hairstyle?????!!!! Please people, it's just hair! So poor Rob went and got a haircut and pissed off a nation of teenage girls who just can't accept that just because he plays Edward does not mean that he is Edward and therefore does not have to keep the same hairstyle for eternity. So here he is with Edward hair:

And here's the infamous haircut:

I think he looks smashing. Very sexy Rob, don't worry about it.

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