Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm almost there.

I'm almost there. I really am. It's right around the corner....I just know it is. This is what I keep telling myself when I'm about 13 miles into a 15 mile run. And I actually WANT to run 26.2 miles. Just for the fun of it. My best friend and I plan to run the 2007 Cincinnati Flying Pig next year and quite frankly although I should be worried about how I'm going to fit in time for training with transferring to a new school and probably starting a new job,.....all I can think is "Do you think the race officials would be offended if I took along a sock project in my GoKnit bag?" and "I should probably use wooden needles to lower the risk of injury to myself and others."

I'm not weird though, I swear. You understand........don't you?

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