Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I'm so tired I can hardly see straight. As it comes down to the wire in these last two weeks of school, I feel as though everything is due at once, though truth be told it's my own fault for not planning. I won't blame the lovely pink yarn I'm knitting into slippers for my mom. Or the fantastic new sock pattern I'm almost done knitting a "run through" on. It's not the yarn's fault. It can't help itself, and the pattern didn't ask to be so fabulous. So tonight I will study the lymphatic system and the acid-base balance until I'm blue in the face. And then I will knit. Because that seems to be the most logical way to handle the irritating final and lab test I have tomorrow. I won't even glance at the self-patterning sock yarn my beloved best friend dropped off in the passenger seat of my truck this morning. She doesn't understand why, but she know's I went NUTS over the fact that it was on clearance for 2.49/50g and was lamenting the fact that I was so poor I couldn't pay attention, so she went behind my back and bought me SIX balls! She even had a coupon for 25% off the clearance so she basically got a ball for FREE! And then promptly dumped it unceremoniously in my truck after her appointment in my office this morning. All she asked for was one pair of socks. DONE! She says, "Go do your knit thing with this but get a good grade on your final first!" I almost cried. God, I'm a dork.

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Debbie said...

Was going to say "Good Luck on the test" but since you've already taken it . . . hope ya did great on it. Yikes, so glad I'm not in school anymore. The Lymphatic (spelled wrong I know but it's been a long day) brought back flashbacks. I swear I still have Neuro nightmares! Your best friend rocks! What a sweetheart to give you all that yarn.