Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First test of the quarter is over, yay! It took me an hour and ten minutes to complete it but I feel that I did well. I bet I get an "A". I know I missed the next to last question b/c I ping-ponged back and forth about it for ten minutes. In the end I chose false and when I double checked the answer was true. Oh well. Can't win'em all! Garter Stitch Aran Pullover is coming along nicely. It should be done in plenty of time for Christmas (only 88 shopping days left!). I figure I'll focus more on getting it done since it works up faster than the Celtic Icon Hoodie and then when I'm in the mood, I'll work on the hoodie. Since the hoodie will now be staying with me, I'll need to slim down in order to wear it and even though I adore the design, sewing up all those pieces and adding a zipper aren't exactly my idea of a good time. I've never added a zipper before. Come to think of it, I've only done sewing up on about two items. I'm more of an EZ knitter and I stick to the round (honestly, I believe circular came before straight). I have no qualms about doing it straight, it just takes longer and I'm usually pressed for time so I prefer minimal finishing. For something as cool as the Icon Hoodie though, I'm willing to take the time and do the work.

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