Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Today I'm Just Pissed Off

Tell me why a school library would charge a college student $125 each for two books that cost lest than $30 dollars each? And they won't let me just turn them back in and pay the fines. I just don't get that. But this week has been a nightmare anyway so it would just figure that this would happen. I know that this too will pass because I have faith that God is with me and walking with me in this. I know that what I need to do is pray and it will come to pass. It just sucks. Thank God my hand is healing fast and soon I will be back up to full-fledge knitting. I'm sad that my Celtic Icon Hoodie will be staying with me instead of going to it's intended owner, but that was a decision that she made herself. My husband is a felon and her boyfriend is a cop who doesn't want to hang out with a felon and his wife. She said she told him she was still going to hang out with me but let's face it, she's suceptible to his will. Like I said, this week has just sucked. Next week will be better.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hon.. sorry to hear your sad day.. i love you..