Thursday, February 07, 2008

Roses help, but Thorazine would help more.

Ok, my last post is proof of why I should never be allowed near a computer when I have PMS. Seriously. "Why doesn't anyone like me? Waaahhh, waaahhh, waaahhh!" Oh puh-leeze. I want to tell myself to shut the hell up. So anyway, back to reality. We're house hunting right now b/c the parents will be moving back into their house on March 1, so we need to find a place by then. Today we looked at a couple of possibilities, but I just don't know. The biggest problem we have is the DH. He's got a felony record and it's for a charge that (wrong as it was and despite the fact that it's under review for a Governor's pardon) folks don't like to see on an rental application. If we were in a position to buy a house that would be so much better, but alas we are not. We will be in five years, but that's five years and we need a place by March 1. So it's in God's hands now along with my job situation. Because of the emotional rollercoaster I've been on as a result of all this, DH bought me roses in my favorite pink-orange shade:

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