Friday, July 25, 2008

In which I have experienced a miracle first hand

I'll admit it. I didn't really believe in miracles. Not really. I believed some pretty awesome things happened to people, but I didn't truly believe in miracles for the ordinary person. That is until I was blessed with a bonafide miracle today. Well, yesterday really since as I'm writing this it is two o'clock in the morning. So anyway, I had to go to court yesterday for something that could have gone very badly for me. I've been worrying about it for a month now and everyone's been telling me not to worry b/c God was going to take care of me, but I didn't believe them. I wanted to believe them, but I just didn't. I prayed though. Oh, how I prayed. I prayed every day, several times a day. Not just asking God for help with this situation. We talked about a lot of stuff. Then I asked him for a miracle. I was even specific about what I wanted Him to do. Today He blessed me with that miracle in exactly the ways I'd specified. It would have been crazy except that I felt Him with me and I knew it was Him and I wasn't scared. I was just thankful. I truly can do nothing apart from Him.

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PICAdrienne said...

He is amazing. Faith, trust, belief, not exactly even required, as He will prove what he chooses to and teach in amazing ways.