Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm not the type of knitter who can afford much of a stash. I'll be honest, I get jealous of those knitters and spinners that can afford to walk into a yarn store or go to a fiber festival and just drop loads of cash (paper or plastic) on skeins of yarn and loads of fiber. I know I shouldn't be jealous. I have so much in my life. I have beautiful children, a wonderful husband, and I was blessed ultimately with the intelligence and ability to do anything I want to do in life. I have the best parents one could hope for, at least the best parents for the type of person I am. God knows what he's doing. Never doubt that for a second. Regardless, the basic human in me still gets jealous. Of course I do. So naturally, being that I'm a knitter and a spinner, when I get jealous it's of those who have the ability to amass that which I desire to amass one day. My husband says I have a stash. It doesn't really count as a stash by most knitters definitions. It's just a few skeins of sock yarn and a couple of sweaters worth of worsted weight. You know how husbands are though, if I'm not actively knitting something out of it... I have too much. And yet, I'd just love to have a stash like that of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee or Franklin Habit or even Eunny Jang. Is it wrong to sometimes motivate myself through the tough times at school by reminding myself that when I'm making real money I can finally afford to buy some luxury yarns? Better studying with thoughts of cashmere and silk? Beats drinking and drugs any day.

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