Sunday, February 15, 2009

Twilight and I make a Hat!

My oldest son turns nine on the nineteenth. He's been after me since November to see the movie "Twilight" because that is his big thing right now. Edward Cullen is his hero and after borrowing the first book to see what the big deal was about (and to verify it was suitable for him to read) I ended up getting the second, third, and fourth books and finishing them that very weekend. It's a pretty good little saga. Not classics material but good, fast, and pretty satisfying. So I took him to see the movie yesterday and it was not bad. It varied from the book, as most "movies based on the book" do, but I enjoyed it. I plan to purchase it when it's released to DVD next month. It has also reinforced the need for me to drop about 140lbs. (It was a bit of a squeeze getting into the chair at the movie theatre.) So for Valentines Day I asked my hunny to move my treadmill into the living room so that I have no excuses to NOT use it. Right now it's in the bedroom and since we moved the dressers around, I can't bring the belt down to use it anymore. Makes it too easy to just say no to working out. Not good. *sigh* Back to grindstone. On the bright side, I made a hat!

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