Friday, June 09, 2006

Cotton Yarn Conquered

I have conquered cotton yarn. Yes, I bent it to my will in the form of reversible shamrock dishcloth. I promptly gave it to my babysitter and she loved it. I will nurse my aching hands with wool and start on Craig's baby's cardi. It will be my first venture into sweaters and my hopes are that he will love it. If not....well it's only three balls of wool (one of Patons Kroy sock yarn in navy and two of Sirdar Country in colonial) I bought an extra ball of the Sirdar just in case (it's so lovely and soft, if I don't use it, it will make great gloves or socks!) Now that summer is here and I have no schooling to attend to my knit list will be filling with projects and I will happily be knitting ( or I should say I'll be happily knitting) every free moment I have. I will also be updating my blog more often as I will now have to time to hop on the computer at work. I will be adding my pics of the above mentioned dishcloth soon.


gregg said...

Hi! Just found your blog on Yarn Harlot in the comments, so I thougth I would comment. I knit and I run, so we have that in common. I am a kindergarten teacher and mother of two boys ages 15 and 11. School is out today!! YAY!! More time to knit. my blog is
i would love to run a marathon? can't wait to follow your progress.

gregg said...

Yes, of course there is a story about my name. My mom went to a women's college in greensboro, nc and knew a girl named Michael Gregory and they called her Gregg. She just liked it. Douglas Ann was also a choice, so I think Gregg is better. I used to want to change it, but I like it now. Couldn't imagine being anyone else. I too have been knitting dishtowels. I had a kinda mess up, but it has turned out neat. I will post it when i am finished. Probably tomorrow. Have you had a chance to look at Mason-Dixon Knitting? There new book is wonderful. I dream about the things in there. I showed my dad the log cabin blanket, he acted like he was interested, but i don't think he really was. we had a tropical storm today, so no running. Maybe tomorrow. see ya!