Wednesday, June 28, 2006

God's Sock Yarn....and why I want to tie up my DH with thrirty-year old acrylic yarn.

Ok, so last night I was working on Katie's second pair of socks (she's addicted and I'm feeding the beast but hey, it works) and this time they're just a plain vanilla sock but I'm using self-patterning yarn and as I was working the gusset on the second sock I was becoming more and more fascinated by what was unfolding before me. These two socks, knit from the exact same skein and with the same needle,pattern,etc....were turning out to be quite different looking from one another. I was just delighted by the spectacle of it. And suddenly He spoke to my heart, "See? Do you see what I mean? That's how it is for me EVERY time!" I do get it...even though he uses the same old pattern and same basic materials, we all turn out so very different from one another. Even when he does two up on two circulars (twins for you not following the metaphor) they're still different! I feel very blessed to have had this shared with me. Now, on to the reason(s) I want to tie up my darling.

I don't know how many wives out there have to endure this, but my husband seems to absolutley refuse to do housework unless I throw a fit or my parents are coming (he's got this thing with my dad 'cause my dad's ocd). He has put at least eight loads through the wash and (as an experiment to see if he'd do it) I refuse to fold any of them. So they have sat, wrinkled and growing in numbers for ages now. The children are wearing sandals everyday because they fear the thought of looking in "The Pile" for socks. I don't remember the last time he did the dishes if there were more than five dishes in the sink and though he absolutely insists on treating our kitchen as though it's the local Greasy Spoon, he refuses to clean it up. Now he doesnt' say," I'm not cleaning it up," he just leaves it until I get too grossed out to clean it up. Today I draw the line. I'm not spending the one day I have some time off to clean the house. He can kiss my foot. And until he does some cleaning.....that's ALL he'll be kissing!


gregg said...

What is it with the "Sock Pile" we have one too. My husband will wash clothes and occasionally will fold, but never socks, so they just keep growing! I wish he wouldn't fold, he doesn't know who the clothes belong to. I was looking for a pair of my jeans and found them in my 11 yr. old's drawer. I am not that skinny, believe me! I just want to say, "pay attention please!" I had to break down a couple of years ago and get someone to come in to clean. She comes every thurs, (which is today!) and it costs me 35.00. it is so totally worth it just to have everything clean at one time. Plus she leaves the coolest tracks in my carpet. Don't know how she does it with the vacuum, but it is cool.It is not raining today, or at least not yet. Ran last night and again this morning at 4:45 then walked 3 miles with my mother at 5:30, i am exhausted!!

Dr Karen said...

I loved your sock metaphor! I just casted on with Circ's some acrylic/cotton yarn that I got at Michaels. It self stripes as well. If I manage to GET to the next sock, I will let you know if I can find the same point in the yarn to start at. Good luck!

LadyLungDoc said...

Hi there:

I'd like to start a webring for MDs who knit and blog (thought not necessarily at the same time). I know nothing about creating a webring (or birthin' babies, since my obstetrics rotation was in 1992), and can't even think of any names catchier than Alskelipknits or "Take 2 purls and call me in the morning". So any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Let me know if you are interested,