Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Socks and 30 days of grindstone

So I finish the "run through" sock of this new pattern(my first venture into yarn overs) and Katie loved it so much she refused to take it off until it had a mate.
Here's it mate.

She couldn't stop petting it. Now she won't take them off....my kitchen table. So there they are. In Bernat baby yarn on the feet of my best friend ( I did get to wear them for like a minute before she ripped them off my feet. I'm telling you the girl loves those socks!)

Now on to my next challenge, knitting with cotton, and making Craig's baby his first cardi from Sitch'N Bitch Nation (Baby's first tattoo). And for the next 30 days I will not take so much as one free meal off my diet. I am putting my adorable nose straight to the grindstone! Hopefully It won't get any smaller ( just my butt.)

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