Saturday, December 09, 2006

Joy to the World

Oh joy of joys the long torture of the scarf project is finally over. I turned them over and and have been happily knitting on socks and sweaters ever since. I have completed my first design successfully (DH's sock) it turned out beautifully and he's been harassing me ever since to finish the other one so he can wear them. He says to me, " You always talk about needing to cast on for the second one right away to avoid orphan syndrome!" I laughed so hard. "It's Second Sock Syndrome hunny," I tell him. Hey, can't blame a guy for trying right? But I love him for trying. NEway, so I did cast on for the second and it's on it's way nicely. On a more somber note, one of fav LYS is closing it's doors permanently. I thought it best not to ask why, I can only assume, but I did score 420yds of Cherry Tree sock yarn for like nine bucks! And two balls of Trekking XXL for about nine bucks each too! And a 40 inch US5 Addi for like ten bucks. I LOVE Trekking but I've recently discovered a lovely yarn that I can see myself becoming addicted too. It's Melody by Jojoland and y45 is the prettiest colorway EVER, okay maybe not EVER but it is fabulous! And as of tomorrow I will be only 100 bucks away from having Ashley paid off completely! YEAH!!!!! God I love that wheel. I love spinning period. I'm still not getting consistent results but I know that the more I spin the better I'll get. Just like knitting.
Well, that's it for today. Life is good. Yarn is better and wool is ......well.....the best!

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