Friday, December 15, 2006

Xenia preacher caught cross-dressing!

Okay...I think you really had to be in that sermon to get that joke but rest assured, my pastor is NOT a cross-dresser! So it's been almost a week since I blogged and I'm so upset with myself. I'm trying really hard not to slack off even though I'm the only one who reads my blogs. It's the principle of it ya know. So an update: Mom and dad showed up at the house Tuesday unannounced and informed me that my dad's PCP was making him get an early colonoscopy (it's early b/c he's only 49). They said they didn't want to alarm me by telling me ahead of time and they wouldn't have even stopped in but for the fact they thought I'd be upset if I found out. They were right. Everything was ok though so that's over and my dad doesn't have to do another one 'til he's sixty. My chrismas knitting and spinning is a little behind. I haven't even gotten half done on Chris' sweater so it might end up becoming a birthday sweater instead (his birthday is Jan. 13). His socks will be done at the same time although hopefully I'll have them done by the 25th. I'd hate not to give him ANY completed knitted items. My love of all things fiber (and especially those originating from a sheep) has forced me to believe if you can't say it with wool, it isn't worth saying! That may be a little out there but hey....I'M a little out there. I am starting to amass quite a collection of sock yarn and now my best friend calls me a yarn snob because I tend to turn up my nose (subconciously of course) at those yarns found in the unamed big box stores. Except Patons classic. Who could resist THAT stuff!?! School starts up again on Jan.2 and I couldn't be more thrilled. Taking a quarter off was necessary but I'm ready to go back. Not to mention the financial aid refund will be supplying me with my very own laptop with which I will become much more faithful in blogging. All for now. Merry Christmas (I can't stand that whole !@#%$ Happy Holidays crap!) !! and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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