Thursday, December 21, 2006

Welcom Home Benjamin!

Benjamin is home at last! In case you're wondering Benjamin is my new Ashford spindle. I got him last night and oh what fun we had! Such a lovely job he did! I also got a set of the new Lantern Moon Sox Stix in ebony. Very nice. I even missed NCIS, Criminal Minds, and CSI:NY to play with him. Now, usually I have viewed my tools of the craft as female in nature, but Ben...well...there's just no getting around his very male attitude. I know...I'm a dork because I attach a live personality to inanimate objects. Sue me, I spend a lot of time with my nose in a book or reading Cat in the some point something was bound to go wrong up there.


Annie said...

like the new layout. I also name everything.. spinning wheel..etc.. and other, mmm, things hee hee blush

Sharon Rose said...

Hey there -

My cars all have names, to match their very different personalities. I just rode home from a knitting circle in my Wendolene, happy as can be. My wheel doesn't have a name, but the new Magellan GPS speaks with a female British voice and is thus Maggie. :)