Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What the ........

WHAT prithee tell is UP with the stinking weather? This weekend it was sixty degrees. SIXTY! Now, I'm no stranger to warm winters. I spent the first six years of my life with shorts on on Christmas day and playing under the palm trees of Panama but THIS......! In southwest Ohio, this is just unheard of and quite disturbing. Oh well, at least it's supposed to get cold by Christmas Eve. We may even get SNOW! (YEAH!!!!) On a lighter note, the scarves were finally handed out to my co-workers by my boss today. Everyone oohed and ahhed appropriately and I was in fact given the one I'd been hoping for. It's the prettiest bright orange and yellow mohair and I just flipped when she handed it back to me at last (I'd been missing it so much since turning it in). Katie's Christmas socks are done and get this.....I knitted the second one in ONE day!(Okay I've got serious hand crampage because of it but I DID it.) Chris is okay with probably getting his sweater at his birthday three weeks from now as he's seen me slaving away on this thing and it's STILL not long enough to start the sleeves yet (another 10 inches and we'll be there. Did I mention he's 6'6"?) But his socks are almost a pair now and he's seen his other presents so he's happy. Actually, he's mostly excited about his socks. Hearing my family and friends ooh and ahh over how warm and comfy theirs are is really getting to him. He keeps moaning about how cold his feet are! = ). My spinning is coming along nicely now. I'm working on finishing a skein of ivory Corriedale to send to my Spin-to-Knit pal. I really need to find out what kind of colors she likes so that maybe I can dye the second skein. I really need to get another spindle. My Rosie is beautiful but she's just not the best to spin with. I plan to buy a good ole Ashford spindle from Arlene this week when I make my last payment on Ashley. YES, I said my LAST payment! YEAHHHHHH!!!!! Finally, I can spin without feeling guilty. Okay, I haven't felt guilty in four hundred dollars but you know what I mean. As soon as Christmas is over I can devote more time to spinning. That. Will. Rock. Oh, and classes start back Jan.2, so keep me in your thoughts as I try to stay awake through Statistics ans Political Science. Philosophy should be more intresting. I get to read Plato and Descartes. Sounds cool, huh? And oh joy of joys... I should be getting like a thousand dollars back in FA so I CAN GET MY OWN COMPUTER AT LAST!!!!!!!!!! Sweet.

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Annie said...

Hey, 6'6" huh, my husband is that tall. So are most of my boys.
So, you like Yellow and Orange? :)
My 2 least fav colors..lol.
School sounds interesting.