Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ah yes, as I write my husbsand is eagerly beginning the ritual of the Thanksgiving day feast. The man was up a six o'clock getting things ready to cook. You have to understand my husbands excitement. In the nine years we've been together, we have never had a Thanksgiving to ourselves. Usually we spend it with his family or mine. This year my family can't make it until this weekend and so it's just us and he even ignored repeated calls from his mother (trying to give a guilt trip. I swear that woman is a nightmare!) The level of excitement my darling is exuding is tantamount to a six year old finding a new bike on Christmas morn. I know people think it's strange that being raised by a mom who cooks like Julia Child, that I don't. I actually do cook, and I'm quite a good cook at that, but I don't enjoy it quite like my husband. I enjoy trying out new recipes and when I'm in the mood to cook he let's me, but he's a back seat chef and he's always cooking over my shoulder so it gets annoying. So today I will knit and spin instead. I'm one and a half inches short of dividing for the front and back on my brothers sweater and I plan on making that plus get some of one side done today. I finished my first attempt at a 3-ply yarn last night.

It's a small skein of BFL, about 25-30 gms. I washed it and it's currently drying in the loo. When it's done I'll see what it's WPI are but I'm guesstimating it's a worsted/aran weight b/c that's what I'm aiming for. The ultimate goal of this experiment is a handspun & handknit gansey for my pops. I'm planning on making it out of Shetland wool. What I really want is to get a good fleece, wash/comb/card and spin it, then knit it for dad. It will probably be the only time I do it like that but I just really want to. I'll knit it from my own design too! Man I'm excited about this! I've started scoping around for a fleece and some handcards/combs. What fun!

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