Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Stripper? Seriously.

I love it when the people you are knitting for get excited about what you're knitting for them. My big brother came down this weekend for Thanksgiving dinner (I know! I was suprised too!) and I took measurements for his sweater (oddly enough, his measurements actually mesh right up with the size I'm knitting, no adjusting necessary) and I showed him the sweater so far. He really likes it. "It's just what I wanted," he told me. And mom has requested the Celtic Tote from the latest Knits, but in purple and black. So I picked out a gorgeous shade of purple in Cascade 220 and a beautiful celtic knot button. She's so excited she even told me that if I don't have it done by Christmas, she'll finish it herself. No way. I'm making this purse and both it and the sweater will be done on time. I'm getting close to the neckline shaping on the front on Seans sweater and then I'll finish the back, three needle bind them off and knit the sleeves from the armholes. I decided that a regular drop-shoulder would look just as nice as the modified drop-shoulder that the pattern calls for. It's only a two-stitch decrease for the modified so screw it. The smell of Kookaburra in the air as the socks wash and the feel of Peruvian Highland wool sliding through my fingers, aaaaahhhhh, life is good.

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