Friday, November 16, 2007

Doing a Jig, Just for the Hell of It.

I took my Forensic Psychology final this mornin and I rocked it! IT'S OVER! (yes I mean to be shouting, I'm really flippin excited!) I got an "A" on the Physiology Final and that gives me an "A" in the class. Still waiting on the final grade from my Computer Software class, but overall I am one extremely excited girl. AND....... I've lost nine pounds! WooHoo!. Now that school is over I can revamp my running schedule and get back on track before next quarter begins so this weight gain thing doesn't happen again (gotta keep it moving in it's current direction). Back to the Christmas knitting! I'll post pics soon of my progress on Sean's Christmas sweater. He'll be down this weekend for Thanksgiving with my folks (we're doing it early d/t work schedule obligations) so I'll get the final measurements and maybe some pics of my darling big brother too! He's too cute not to show off. I'm also finishing up the first of my Firestarter socks, which I may have to frog and reknit if the sizing is off (the foot looks kinda long, but if it's not too long, I'll wear it as is.)

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