Thursday, March 06, 2008

Maybe not.....

Doesn't look good for the University Hospital position after checking on the STNA thing. I'd have to take a refresher course and then take the test. Now, the gal who called me is checking with staffing to see if the STNA thing is a deal breaker, but I'm thinking it's probable a no-go. God willing it's not, but if it is then I know it just wasn't His will for me to have the job and there will be a better suited position for me elsewhere or perhaps down the road. No worries. If God be for me... who can be against me? Tonight whatever else this day had brought, I will knit and have a beer. I plan to spin a little on Anya as well. We're expecting this ginormous snow storm to start in tonight but knowing our local weather people... we'll barely get a dusting. A huge storm would be swell b/c I'd really like a day to just chill, knit, spin, read, and hang out. Well, we'll see.

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