Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Look What Annie Sent Me!

These were in my latest package from Annie. That cream colored yarn is the yarn I made! Isn't it awesome?!?

Look! Don't they look fabulous on me?

Here's the total package. I haven't tried the cherries yet but only b/c I wanted to get this post up first (after I emailed Annie to let her know it arrived safely, more on that in a minute).
Mmmmmm cherries and chocolate.

Aside from the totally GORGEOUS yarn she spun me (the color on the monitor does it little justice. It's the most beautiful shade of deep green), do you see the Pink Hot Chocolate?! How cool is Pink Hot Chocolate!?! And hot chocolate couldn't be a more appropriate gift given that we woke up to ass-deep snow this morning. I honestly didn't really expect the weather guys to be correct about this storm but alas, they were. Yesterday everyone at work, patients and employees, were belly-aching about the snow and how it was going to shut us down. I can't stand whining, so I commented that it would be great if we made all this fuss about nothing. Well, serves me right. To top it off I was ON MY WAY to work when I got the call from work that we were closed. I just grumbled all the way back home about how they could have at least let me know before I got out of bed. *sigh* Oh well, at least I'm getting a good bit of work done on my husband's stupid sweater. Then I'm going to work on the Merino Pimp for a while too. I can't wait to ship it to Annie and see what she makes with it! Okay, I've taken a sufficient break from my knitting now so I'm ready to get back to work on this stupid sweater and get it done. I'm on the sixth raglan decrease row so things are starting to progess more quickly now. Hopefully it will be done in time for my trip to Chicago to visit my parents this weekend. Noah's birthday is Monday and ever since my parents moved to Chicago two years ago, it's become our tradition to go visit them on the kids' birthdays and at one of the holidays. Since Noah's birthday is in February and Malachi's is in September that means we head up there about every six months or so. They visit us on the flip side so we get to see each other about every two to three months and so far that's working for me. I've never been close with my extended family because being raised in the military we moved around a lot and didn't make it "home" much for get-togethers. My parents and my brother were all I had and it was really hard when they moved away. I have my kids and my husband, but I miss my mom and dad. We have high hopes that when I'm done with nursing school we can all be closer again. Although dad says that means I'll have to go to an East Coast medical school since he plans on transferring to Florida. He'll never give up on trying to get me to go to Duke or Harvard or the like. I told him I never will. Those are research schools and I don't want to do research. I want to do surgery. I'll keep my options open though.Of course my dream is pretty silly to most wannabe surgeons. My dream is be a surgeon at a nice hospital out in Wyoming or Montana where my husband can have his cattle farm and I can have my horses and sheep. That would also be a nice central location to hop back and forth to wool festivals! Ah, well, a girl can dream can't she?

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Annie said...

So glad you like everything. The mitts look fabulously Lovely on your pretty hands. I've never seen pink hot chocolate but Betty Boop caught my eye. Hopefully its not horrid..lol!!
Enjoy the snow..summer is on its way. Really it is!!