Thursday, February 15, 2007

Put a Bullet in my Brain

Seriously. I am miserable. I am not a fun sick person. I have been battling an oncoming illness for two days now. I did the sinus rinses. I upped the Vit C. I took my Allegra-D. AND I took Advil(the smallest dose of course). And what do I get today.......????? A full blown SINUS INFECTION!!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE BEING SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really hate it. My sinuses were limping along this morning with the help of the Advil and Allegra-D. Then I was at lunch and tried to sniff and, Oh. The. Pain. Yup, I ran through the mental s/s. Rinsed out HUGE green chunk this morning, fever, focal pain, sinus pressure so bad it's making my teeth hurt, and ear pain............differential dx...... right maxillary sinus infection. I drug myself reluctantly before Dr. Boyles who gave me that, "You should have known better," look and took me to the room where we keep the abx samples. From under a cabinet he pulled out an entire sample bag of Levaquin 750. Wow. That's a massive dose. Usually we just write for 500mg. He tells me to only take it for six days and then re-evaluate my symptoms. If I'm symptom free I can stop, otherwise I should take it for two more days. IF I'm symptom free? Is there really any possibility that I will have symptoms after this massive onslaught of antibiotics? Is there really any bacteria that can survive this massacre? If there is it doesn't deserve to die. It deserves a place of honor at the CDC. The worst thing about this illness is it's impecable timing. I'm scheduled for a test in Stastistics tonight and we didn't meet on Tuesday d/t the snow. So we really didn't get to review and I feel horrible on top of feeling unprepared. Just.Shoot.Me.Now.

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