Monday, February 26, 2007

WIP it, WIP it good.

This past week really sucked and I felt liked I dropped off the proverbially planet. Seriously. I had SO much going on at school that I just NOW got caught up on my knitting crack fix (otherwise known as the Lime 'N Violet podcast) and I'm almost done with my Widdershins socks. As predicted the notes on the sock heel that I got from the designers website did in fact solve my frustrating heel dilema and all proceeded beautifully after that. I am now convinced that the thousands of other folks who've knitted these have in fact been correct in saying this is the best toe-up sock EVER. (At least for your basic construction and the sweet cable version. No offense to the all-powerful, ever magical Cookie A.)I'm doing them in Plymouth Sockotta. Okay, now I have yet to run into a true "crap" sock yarn, and this is not crap yarn, but it's not my fav. I think it's the cotton. I just think it feels a little rougher than say, a plain wool/nylon blend. Right now my favorite remains to be decided. I have Wildfoote, Lorna's Laces, Cherry Tree Hill, Ditto, Jojoland, all waiting to be. And on top of that I want to order some Socks That Rock (just to see what all the fuss is about) and some Tofoosties (that crab stuff is pronounced kite-ton). And let's face it, with all the wonderfull sock yarns out there can there really be only one? Plus, I want to eventually spin and dye my own. And speaking of spinning. Annnie, I will be mailing out your Merino Pimp THIS VERY WEEK!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry it's taken so long, but I wanted to have it as perfect as I could possible get it and I've been doing it in small segments to avoid sloppy spinning. Please forgive me! I'm also including some other goodies but you'll just have to wait anxiously for those! Well, back to work. Oh and I've lost six pounds! Yay!!!!! I'm back on track with my exercise program and we've crawled back on the wagon for six days now and haven't had ANY junk food what so ever! New bikini here I come!!!!

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Annie said...

I'm doing socks also. Been doing fingerless mitts non stop for a couple months to make up for the ones I lost.. I was so upset about that..I found the lost one yesterday! Whew!!
OH..GOODIES on the way! Thats awesome. I can hardly wait!!