Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm DONE knitting for my husband.

Seriously. After I finish his sweater I am NEVER knitting another thing for him. I don't care if he begs. I am so tired of all his backhanded comments about my knitting and spinning. And then I go and practically give myself a case of carpal tunnel knitting him a custom balaclava this past weekend b/c he was working in sub-zero temperatures and I knit it using Fisherman wool from LionBrand b/c it has that nice water resitant lanolin in it, and it was on size 3 needles! After I stayed up to one in the morning three nights in a row working on this thing instead of studying or writing a paper that was due yesterday, he wore it for about two or three hours and then took it off b/c the mouth covering was wet and it "was uncomfortable." WELL I NEVER! He ASKED for no mouth opening b/c (and I quote), "I want as much skin covered as possible." Now my beautiful handiwork lies in his Jeep unloved, unworn, and above all UNAPPRECIATED. I'm finishing this sweater and that's it! I had comtemplated not finishing the sweater and just casting on for Malachi's Sherwood sweater but I decided that if he doesn't appreciate this sweater.....I'LL WEAR IT DAMN IT! It'll be really baggy but what the hell...I've put a LOT of time into this thing and SOMEONE IS GOING TO APPRECIATE IT!!!

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