Monday, February 19, 2007

So Glad I Didn't Shoot Myself

Ok. The sinus infection is backing off. It's day five of the anitbiotic onslaught and I think the little boogers are calling for a retreat. I finally finished my husbands stupid sweater and if I never see it again I couldn't care less. I'm so sick of that stupid sweater and that crappy yarn. I will never knit another sweater out of crap yarn even if a nuclear disaster occurs and no sheep survive it. I would rather knit grass and cotton. I HATE crap yarn! I never jumped on the novelty yarn bandwagon, even when I first started knitting a year ago. I've only ever made a couple of scarves from novelty stuff and it was barely considered a novelty yarn. Anyway, I hate crap yarn. Nuff said. So today I worked on the Widdershins socks and was going along just fine until I hit the heel turn. I fiddled with that sucker FOREVER and finally gave up in disgust(with myself, not the pattern, as I know thousands of knitters have made these socks without difficulty so it MUST BE ME). Then I went online to the designers website and wouldn't ya know it...... she has notes on her site about the heel turn and I THINK I've got what I need to fix it. Also, I printed off the charts for Malachi's Sherwood and though I'll need to write them all out by hand b/c I'm really not a chart gal, I'm sure it's going to be a lovely project. And I've got good yarn so all's well. Back to jammin with LimeWire!

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Annie said...

So glad your not
Also glad your done with the sweater. That must be a huge relief..its very pretty btw. Even if you didn't like the yarn.
I've been making pottery beads lately. so far around 2 dozen. I hear their selling out fast!! Nice to hear I've still got -IT-