Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm so tired. You know that kind of tired when you understand the Cymbalta commercials? It's been a rough couple of weeks and this week isn't even over yet. I was down with a nasty stomach bug last week and had to go my company's Christmas party alone and hoping that I didn't get hit with another wave of illness while I was there, b/c there was no way I would be able to get the pantyhose off in time! I finished my brothers Christmas sweater and am busy working (ok not right now) on mom's Celtic Tote. I got some not so great news today. The DH is getting laid off this Friday. His boss doesn't want to, and if a job comes in between now and Friday he won't be, but that is the nature of construction and with my DH's felony record that's pretty much all he has open to him. I still haven't heard from any of the resume's I've put in other than the jerks who rejected me based on me not turning in notice (I actually did, but since I did not keep a copy for proof all they have is my managers word and let's just say she and I did not see eye to eye.) when I left a job TEN years ago. Other than them, no word. I'm really feeling the strain and I'm getting pretty downtroddened. Pray for me if you can. I need some heavenly intervention here. Chris just told me today that if I don't get into the nursing program this time, he wants me to choose a path to finish my bachelors and apply straight to medical school. That's saying a lot coming from him, but he knows how heavy my heart is right now b/c his is right down there with it.

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