Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some Pictures

Here is what I have done so far on Chris' sweater. One sleeve = 22" long. One body = 19" long. One very long husband = check. Having a really handsome sweater for my construction worker/future farmer that actually fits him and didn't cost a hundred dollars = priceless. The second sleeve is casted on and about 1/4 done. I am SO ready for this sweater to be done. I am even skipping Stats class tonight in an effort to get most of the second sleeve done. Ok....and because I just can't do it tonight. Ok, Ok, I'll go. But I'll not be happy about it.

Look what Annie sent me!

Do you see this beautiful camel down? What about that hook?! Is it not so very awesome?

What about these stitch markers? She made them herself! What can I say? I have the BEST pal ever!

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Annie said...

Sweater looks awesome!! Glad you liked the stuff.