Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bon Jovi Said It Best

Keep the Faith. That's what you have to do in this life. "Faith is my beacon of hope" is what is inscribed on the back of the Thomas Kincade lighthouse pendant that my boss gave me for Christmas this year. I've been lax about that recently. I've slid into the "God, where are you?" attitude. In short, I've been throwing a spiritual temper tantrum. I know that God has not abandoned me. I know that He does not put me into situations that I cannot either; glean new strength and understanding from or grow in my faith and relationship with him. I trust my Father. I also trust my dad and he was the first person to say to me, "Beck, things aren't always going to be easy. You aren't always going to understand the big picture. Keep your faith in God and He will come through for you. You just have to believe." I do believe. I love my Father and I know that He loves me. No enemy can take that and no thing can make that not true. Keep the Faith people. He'll come through for you.

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