Monday, January 28, 2008

Pictures of Poo and Doggie Gladiators

So I'm taking a few minutes away from my studies to post some pictures. Let's begin with my dog. Shylo is easily in the running for first pick if American Gladiators wants to add a dog to their squad. Look at how buff my baby puppy is!
This is how far I've gotten in the Philosopher's Wool Colour Your Own kit. I'm not coloring anymore until I get a 16 inch Addi Turbo US 8. The two circs method isn't working well for this sleeve and I'm getting some awkward stiffness at the joins.
This is how the inside of the cuff looks after I tried to sew in most of the loose ends. Kind of resembles poo doesn't it?
The three-ply I spun as a trial run for the yarn I'm going to spin for Dad's gansey. It's been re-washed and re-skeined.
Malachi sleeping. Awwwww. Noah sleeping. Awwww.

They grow so stinking fast! I am soooooooooooo blessed aren't I?

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