Wednesday, January 09, 2008

So I will soon be venturing into stranded knitting territory. Oh, I've done a bit of it here and there, but nothing that can actually be considered real stranded knitting. I don't say Fair Isle b/c, well, I'm not on Fair Isle and I've seen how some folks can get really upset with the specifics of things concerning nationalism. Anywho, my Color Your Own kit in Fire (with yellow) is on it's way from Philosophers Wool and should be here on the 14th. It was originally supposed to arrive on the 11th, but apparently there's been a delay. I'm not sure when my Schoolhouse Press order will arrive as they do not mail out tracking numbers and there is no link on the website to check on your order (most frustrating). I had to call Knit Picks with a complaint again. It seems like every couple of orders, I have to call them. With the first order I had to call about a bad cable in my Options set. Then once I had to call about a bad circular needle. This time I had to call about a bad dpn. Now, each time I've called they've simply asked what was wrong and sent me out a replacement FOC. Theirs is quite possibly the most lovely customer service department I have ever had to deal with. No hassles, no lengthy determining of who's fault it was, just tell us what the problem was and we'll fix it. This is why I do a lot of my knitting business with them; good wool, good selection, great book prices, great yarn prices, and a fabulous customer service department. Now.....if we can just get Kelly to add a spinning selection and catalogue. I've looked and pondered and finally decided to purchase a Woolee Winder. It won't be for awhile what with the husband out of work and all, but it will happen. Probably this summer when I can work more hours. Sooner if a new job comes through soon. I will really enjoy my spinning much more when I don't have to stop all the time to move the yarn to the next hook! Well, I should be set for projects until summer when I'll have more money to buy yarn.

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