Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pictures and Lovin

The infamous Shedir:
Shylo the wonder dog:
A sunrise over my office:
My first attempt at a three-ply yarn for the gansey I plan to knit for my dad:
Jamieson & Smith yarn to make the Cunningsburgh Gloves: The kiddles in their Lucha Libre masks (I hate this pattern):

Again with the wonder dog. See why I couldn't leave her?:
A sunrise I captured on the way to work. HE does good work doesn't HE?:

I love my life. I don't really have anything specific to highlight, but I really do love my life. I love that I am an mostly independant thinker. I love that I have a lifestyle that is now imbued in almost every way with wool. I love that I have a strong mind and a strong body. I love how I feel when I'm running and I love even more how I feel at the end of a long run. I love having sex with my husband. I love playing with my kids and my dog. I love studying a fascinating subject. I love spinning at my spinning wheel and with my spindle. I love dreaming about the Woolee Winder I will order in another eleven weeks. I love learning new knitting and spinning techniques. I love chocolate. I love a good drink. I love weight training. I love the way I feel the day after weight training. I love Scotland and dreaming about going to Scotland. I love Ireland and dreaming about going to Ireland. I love my parents. I love my brother. I love more than I can possibly ever write down. I love sheep. I love wool.

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