Friday, July 11, 2008

See, this is why I don't get on well with other women

Why are women so competitive and catty? Why does it always have to be about who's right or wrong? Whenever you get a group of women together you can usually count on some sort of cattiness occurring and I'm so tired of it. Literally, I'm physically worn out from dealing with it. Why does it always have to be a pride thing with women, like you're somehow less worthy because you're not right all the time. This is why I have so few gal-pals. I'm not like that. At least, I make a conscious effort not to be. I've always got along better with guys and I think that's why. I really value female friendship, but not at the cost of my sanity. Especially right now. My life is just too hectic for the drama. I give all my drama to God and He handles it just fine. Today my spirits are higher than they have been for the past couple of days. I'm still fighting those demons of doubt that creep into my heart and whisper all the worst case scenarios that can occur with this legal situation of mine, but God is whispering to me too and His voice is infinitely sweeter and more soothing to my aching heart. He tells me to not grow faint and to trust in Him alone. He loves me and no matter what comes, He will be there with me and walk right by me through it all. My times are in His hands and He wants me to know it. I'm trying to be strong, but I'm only a girl and my strength is limited. I need help now and then.

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