Saturday, January 13, 2007

First of all a VERY Happy Birthday to my googliebear, Chris. He's a whopping 29 years old today! I finished my Trekking socks today. In a rather unconventional way too. You see, usually I reward myself AFTER knitting, but today knitting WAS my reward....for studying. During school terms I get so little knitting time and it's a constant battle for me to get my studies done. This quarter so far has been especially hard due to the BORING content of my classes. I'm sorry, I know there are folks out there who get really excited about Politics and Math and Philosophy, but I'm just not one of them. I'm passionate about my political views but I never discuss them with anyone other than my family and I have very little ability to read about politics for twenty to fourty pages at a time. So I read five pages, knit five row, read three pages, knit three rows, etc. It works out better if my project is bigger. Tonight I've definitely spent more time reading but later on and tomorrow I'll be working on Chris' Christmas Sweater so it'll be worth the reading time put it. I have so much to knit if I want to get my man into this marvelous sweater by V-Day.And thanks to his change in eating habits, he's gonna look even more studly wearing it. I think he finally learned that getting excited about my knitting (even if it's BS) is a good way to score! Well, tomorrow I'll get a lot of work done on the sweater b/c I'll be accompanying my hunny to his mothers house (rather begrudgingly I might add) for a family get together. Knitting has saved my sanity and my marriage on more than one of these occasions so sticks don't let me down! I really adore my STK pal, Annie. She sent me the most lovely stuff and I'm really having a ball spinning hers! Her package has been delayed until Friday d/t the need for package procurement of the non-baked kind (don't worry, I'll come through).

On a more wandering note (more wandering you say? but how can this be?) I've been thinking a lot lately about how I don't have anyone my age who really gets this whole "knitting thing" I get weird looks from all the "trendy" girls at church(who btw haven't changed at all since we were in high school together) when I pull out the needles. Look, I'm not shallow, or at least I try not to be, but I'm lonely for knitting pals. I've checked out my local knitting meetings and met some really great ladies that I'm so in love with, but I'm the youngest there by about twenty years in most cases. I just wish I could find some gals who'd like to join me on my adventures in the fiber world. I just know if they fell through this rabbithole with me they'd never want to leave our Woolly Wonderland. *sigh* Alas, I'm sure the day will come.

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Annie said...

Sorry.. all the Young ppl I know that knit live a long way from Ohio. Sigh! I have a couple young friends who spin too. Good luck with your search. I think you just need to keep pulling those needles out in off beat places and they will show themselves. Or offer to teach.