Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Incogknitters, Knitter You Are Beautiful, and I'm So OVER MySpace.

Incogknitters. They're everywhere. You know who they are. They keep looking at you when you kip. Not the often seen, "what a dork, doesn't she know that's for old people?" No. These are the envious looks of those who so recently held their beloved fiber in their hands and only put it down out of fear of the above mentioned looks. These are the ones who will casually ask, "What are you working on?" and then actually listen when you launch into the tale of the pattern, the yarn and the intended recipient. They hang on every word as if somehow listening to you and sitting near you will fufill their own need to knit. My heart aches for them. I long to hand them some needles and open my knitting bag with extra skeins and say," Go ahead and knit yourself something." (That is, afterall, my motto.) But I know that this would only be received with frightened looks and shaking heads. Poor souls. I never have been one of them. From my first dance with wool I was too in love to hide it. I didn't care if it launched another Hatfield-McCoy saga. I was a Knitter and I was proud.

Knitters, You ARE Beautiful. If you ever doubt that, read this again. Knitters are not your average kind. In fact there is NO average knitter. Knitters are young, older, and much older. Knitters are artistic types, crunchy granola types, academics, hip, and in need of hip-replacements. Knitters do not need to be defined by categories or boundaries as most people do. A knitter may want to knit with wool today and cotton tomorrow. A knitter (with very few exceptions) will stop what he/she is doing to help another knitter in need and when called upon rarely fails to step up to the plate. Knitters care little for political affilitation, religious preference, sexual preference, or geographic location. No, in our world we are just who we are and that is good enough. We share this common bond that is beyond description, though many have tried.
The saying, "It takes one to know one," has probably never fit so well. So I say it again, Knitters You ARE Beautiful.

My last comments are about how I am so OVER MySpace. I was really into it when it first came out but over the last year I've come to realize that very little is to be gained by keeping my account open. It really boils down to nothing more than a computerized, world-wide version of a popularity contest. Who has the most "Friends" and who get the most comments/hits. It's ridiculous. Okay, maybe it's not ridiculous to a lot of folks who have a lot of fun on MySpace. Those people are probably using it as it was intended, as a means of meeting and keeping in touch with others. In my area though, it's a way for my high school to keep dibs on each other and keep the social classes organized. So, just like High School, I'm tired of this crap and I'm outta here. I f I wanted to stay in High School I wouldn't have left.

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