Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Schools In

So I started back to school today and boy will I be glad when this quarter is over! I have Political Science, Philosophy, and Statistics. The last three classes I needed to satisfy my general education requirements for my bachelors degree. I'm so bored already! At least I have a long break on Tuesday and Thursdays. I packed Benjamin in my backpack with some fiber to keep him company. I can take him out during the break and feed the monkey. People give me the strangest looks though....I can't figure out WHAT is so unusual about a girl spinning in the middle of a large university campus. I mean really, have they never seen it before?

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Annie said...

Probably not. I had a gothe friend that liked to sit on a corner down in the University district here and spin. She got so much attention and I don't think it was the blue hair.
I saw a young lady spinning on a spindle while waiting for her brother at a doctors office..of course I talked to her!! Most people didn't know what she was doing or what it was for. The curious and annoyed looks were interesting. Wish I'd brought mine!